About Dynamic Communications Inc.

Dynamic Communications Inc. (DCI) is a locally owned an operated technology company headquartered in Albuquerque New Mexico founded in 1996.

DCI provides all facets of the ever changing IT world. DCI lives up to it’s namesake by providing the following products and services to our customers.

Telecom Systems Management

DCI provides turn-key Telecommunications Management Services to companies across the United States. DCI has developed a network of communications companies country wide to provide excellent skill sets that match customer’s needs.

DCI can provide any specific Telecom need. These would include the following:

  1. Telecom Repair and or Service.
    • System survey and detailed information gathering
    • Technician skill set matching.
    • 4 hour emergency response on site.
    • Next day non emergency service.
    • Replacement next day part turn around
    • Email interface for ticket order entry, status dispatch and resolution information.
    • Dispatch center manned 8 am to 5 pm MST/MDT. 800 number routing.
  2. Telecom MAC (Move, Add, Change)
    • Detailed system survey capacity and capability information
    • Sales engineering for major additions or changes
    • Immediate product availability
    • Project scheduling
    • Project management services as needed
    • Price quoting tools for quick turnaround
    • Systems augmentation and addition or migration to new technologies as needed.
    • Systems replacement when appropriate

Design Consultation and Engineering

DCI provides communications infrastructure consultation design and engineering services to Architectural companies in the Albuquerque area.

These services include but are not limited to:

  1. Meetings and or telephone consultation with the current IT managers to discuss new systems requirements, this would include, computer cabling infrastructure, IT room space, environmental requirements and layout., paging system, video surveillance, access Control, telephony, Ethernet switching, back bone cabling or fiber needs, presentation systems. These systems would be engineered to meet any current IT standards.
  2. Standard progress meetings as needed.
  3. Consultation on engineering/product selection as needed.
  4. Engineering and product selection for computer cabling infrastructure, IT room space, environmental requirements and layout., paging system, video surveillance, access Control, telephony, Ethernet switching, back bone cabling or fiber needs, presentation systems. These systems would be engineered to meet any current IT standards.
  5. Drafting service which includes information technology drawings for 20%, 70%, 100% and construction submittals for IT infrastructure. This would include hard copies as well as electronic.
  6. Narrative describing all elements of the design and product selection.
  7. Product selection information (specification sheets).
  8. Changes throughout the project as needed.
  9. Updating Electrical and mechanical consultants as needed throughout the project.
  10. Consultation as needed during construction (this would include problem resolution).

IT Infrastructure Installation

DCI sells and installs IT infrastructure for internal and external connectivity. DCI is a licensed and bondable NM contractor license number #80220. DCI’s cabling employees are BICSI certified technicians. DCI also employs BICSI RCDD expertise. DCI has over 50 years of experience in the communications cabling industry and has provided IT infrastructure to our customers for the past 14 years. DCI adheres to ANSI/TIA/EIA and NEC standards and well as local codes as needed.

Some of the technologies engineered and deployed are listed below:

  • Structured Cabling Systems to include EIA/TIA 568a specified Cat3 thru Cat6 and Cat6 augmented. Multimode and Single mode fiber optics inside and outside plant.
  • Data center cable and fiber distribution.
  • Ladder rack and cable tray (cabling support structures).
  • Telecommunications Spaces and pathways.
  • Grounding (Earthling), Bonding and electrical protection.
  • TR/ER/EF facility installation.
  • Fires stopping systems.
  • Shielded UTP copper cabling systems.
  • Complete infrastructure testing EIA/TIA 568a certification Category 3-6 and 6a.
  • Infrastructure documentation and labeling conventions.

Telephony Solutions

DCI sells and installs and maintains telephony systems and solutions. DCI has many years of experience in the telephony field and has a proven record of providing cost effective cutting edge communications technologies to our customers.

DCI is not a product specific vendor but matches the best system with the customers need, based on engineering and value. Telephony systems and solutions installed are listed below.

Systems Familiarity:

Nortel Norstar CICS/MICS BCM 200/400/450. TDM and VOIP/SIP Nortel Option 11-81C Nortel Call pilot and Symposium Call center 6.0 and Contact center 7.0 Nortel Flash and Call pilot 100/150 Voice Mail. Toshiba CTX and CIX 100/670 TDM and VOIP/SIP Strategy and MAS voice mail IP Edge

Communications Solutions:

Telephony VOIP TDM SIP Voice mail Automated Attendant Unified Messaging Predictive Dialing Automatic Call Distribution (Multimedia) (Screen POP) (Web portal) CTI integration Call monitoring and recording Voice Logging Campaign Dialing

IT Solutions

DCI sells installs and maintains IT systems and solutions. DCI is a Microsoft Business partner and a Dell Server/Workstation reseller. DCI maintains and provides upgrades and oversight to a variety of large and small enterprise IT platforms.

Data Applications:

Cisco Router deployment and configuration Exchange Mail deployment and configuration Firewall Deployment and configuration Intrusion detection configuration Unified messaging Fax server deployment and configuration CSU/DSU Internet switch deployment and configuration VLAN setup QOS, 802.IP and differential services VPN configuration and deployment

Network Services and Consultation

DCI has skills and experience on all facets of Network service deployment. Many of our key personnel have worked in the LEC and CLEC industry and have gained knowledge throughout the years that has enabled our company to take advantage of how to lower reoccurring network costs and pass this knowledge onto our customers. We are an agent for Allied Communication and can provide all of their offerings & services.

DCI’s experience in this discipline is listed below: QMOE and Engineered IP PRI (custom and NI2) POTS E&M DID DSL T-1 internet PPP and Private Line Frame Relay ATM Ethernet IP delivery N X T-1. Comcast Internet delivery. Satellite Internet and TV delivery

Multimedia Presentation and Public Address (Paging)

DCI has engineered and installed many multimedia and presentation solutions for our customers. Our knowledge about these products and technologies has grown as a result we at DCI have been able to deliver cutting edge multimedia and presentation technology to our customers.

Presentation Projection

  • Projectors, Mounts, Interfaces, Splitters, Extenders. HDMI, USB, RS232, ETHERNET, COMPONENT, COMPOSITE, SVGA. XGA


  • Manual and power. Custom mounting.


  • 20-60 inch TV provision and mounting.


  • Surround sound 5.1/7.0 Integrated wall and ceiling speaker systems. Amplifier based systems. Microphone and Mixer installation and configuration.

Video Conferencing

  • Polycom, ISDN, PPP and Internet based Teleconferencing Solutions. AMX Platform integration

IP Based Surveillance Solutions

DCI engineers/sells/installs and maintains Ethernet based Network video products this would include Cameras, NVR’s wireless and wired and associated products. The products we support are as follows.


Public Address (Paging) Solutions:

Valcom Self amplified paging systems. VOIP and traditional

Bogen Amplified paging solutions

Valcom IP Clock installation and configuration.

DCI Sells and Maintains Wireless Access Points WAPS and Short /Long haul Point to Point Wireless Networks:

DCI designs and installs Wireless networks A/B/G/N We are familiar with many manufacturers in the wireless arena including cisco Aeronet, Engenius, Radwin

DCI has the expertise to design engineer and install 6 Gig wireless network connectivity in any outdoor environment up to and including remote solar panels and equipment as needed for deployment.

DCI sells and installs White and Pink noise generation systems (Sound Masking):

DCI designs engineers and install ATLAS white and pink sound masking solutions.

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