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DCI provides multiple products to help converge voice and data networks using traditional T1/E1 voice technology coupled with Ethernet data technology.

Voice Over IP (VoIP), also known as IP Telephony or Internet Telephony, enables businesses to converge voice and data networks. Using traditional T1/E1 voice technology coupled with Ethernet data technology, VoIP allows for more advanced business phone systems.

Advantages of VoIP Business Phone Systems:

  • Ability to transmit multiple calls on the same broadband connection.
  • Allows call forwarding, conference calling, automatic redial, and caller ID at little or no extra cost.
  • More secure than traditional phone lines.
  • Localization independence; work from anywhere with reliable high-speed access.
  • Integrate with other services over the internet:  Video, file exchange, conferencing and address book management along with others.

Dynamic Communications Services:

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Dynamic Communications, Inc. offers installation and consulting of Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems. We provide service and solutions for large and small businesses in the Albuquerque, NM areas. Our Voice Over IP products, service, support and administration enables turnkey solutions with a single provider.  Not sure exactly what you need in a VoIP system?  Our professional staff will help evaluate your company’s needs and also consult, design and install your new VoIP business phone system.

We use the quality VoIP phones and equipment made by well-known companies such as Toshiba CIX, Nortel Meridian (ITG), Nortel BCM, Cisco VoIP CM and Verso Technologies (MCK).  We also supply VoIP Conference Software. Albuquerque, NM

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